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Located in The Lumber Mill Antique Mall.

712 West 1st Street, Madison, Indiana





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Moving to Madison, Indiana, and opening The Butterfly House Bed and Breakfast was the best decision we have ever made. Being a part of the Madison community and meeting so many wonderful new friends as guests and neighbors has been an extraordinary experience.

So has refurbishing and renovating the bed and breakfast, which is not only our place of business but our home as well.

It seems a very natural progression to now introduce The Butterfly House Boutique as an extension of our love for treasure hunting antiques, vintage decor, and thrifted items in need of a new lease on life.

Located in The Lumber Mill Antique Mall, The Butterfly House Boutique is the perfect venue for expanding our love of searching out historical, welcoming, and sometimes quirky home decor and furnishings.

We hope you will visit us at the mall and enjoy the pleasures of homemaking with antique, vintage, and thrifted treasures.


Warmest regards, 

Paul and Teresa Walters

Paul and Teresa Walters | The Butterfly House Boutique
The Butterfly House Boutique at The Lumber Mill Antique Mall Madison Indiana

This David Harden, folk art figurine, is one example of the variety of items you will find at The Butterfly House Boutique.

Whether you are an accomplished and knowledgeable antique efficient or simply looking for a specific home decor “look,” you are sure to find the perfect balance of historical charm and contemporary style.

Shop in person at The Lumber Mill Antique Mall or Online at


The Butterfly House Boutique at The Lumber Mill Antique Mall Madison Indiana
The Butterfly House Boutique at The Lumber Mill Antique Mall Madison Indiana

About Our Products

What is more fun than shopping for a new item to add to your collection, or the perfect vintage vase, or maybe an antique dresser that reminds you of your grandmother’s home? We fill our homes with the things we love… which is why every piece in The Butterfly House Boutique was hand-picked to bring you joy and the excitment of finding the next perfect addition for your home.

Take your time as you browse through the boutique. New items are added almost daily. Please stop in often to see what new treasures have been added.

And…don’t hesitate to let us know what you are looking for. We will be glad to keep an eye out for that something special you are hoping to find.